U.S. Oregon Washington County bans flavored nicotine e-cigarettes

U.S. Oregon Washington County bans flavored nicotine e-cigarettes

“When e-cigarettes lanched to the market, we saw a sharp increase in numbers,” Ashcom said. “In just a few years, we saw usage increase by more than 10%.”

She said that in children, nicotine use can affect memory, hearing and concentration, which will make them more addictive in the future.

On Tuesday, the Washington County Council voted 3 to 2 in favor of a total ban on flavored nicotine and tobacco products, becoming the first county in Oregon to issue a total ban. The decree also prohibits the sale or promotion of any tobacco or nicotine products.

Officials believe that other places will follow up.

Ashcom stated that they have been working on such legislation for many years. She said that now is the time.

Kathryn Harrington, chairman of the Washington County Council, stated that the committee has a responsibility to pass this child protection decree. She said that shopkeepers and retailers have done a good job not selling products to children, but the problem has widened-now is the time to do something.

“Nevertheless, there are still adults providing these products to young people, so whether you like it or not, we need to take more stringent measures.” Harrington said.

Ashcom said that other cities that have issued similar bans reported that the proportion of young people using such products has dropped by 10%.

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