British American Tobacco claims that its Vuse has become the world’s largest e-cigarette brand

British American Tobacco claims that its Vuse has become the world’s largest e-cigarette brand

On September 8, according to foreign news reports, British American Tobacco (BAT) announced today that its e-cigarette brand Vuse is now the world’s largest e-cigarette brand in terms of market share. BAT said that achieving a global leader in the field of e-cigarettes marks an important milestone in BAT’s transformation and demonstrates the continued strong momentum of its global new category of business. Steam is the new category with the largest revenue and number of consumers in the nicotine industry.


Vuse is the category market share leader in four of the top five steam markets (Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom), and the strong momentum of BAT in the United States means that Vuse now leads the market in 22 states, above 7. Month value.In May of this year, British American Tobacco also announced that Vuse has become the world’s first global carbon neutral e-cigarette brand, demonstrating British American Tobacco’s long-term commitment to becoming a responsible company and reducing its environmental impact.British American Tobacco CEO Jack Bowers said: We are pleased to announce that Vuse has become the world’s largest e-cigarette brand. This proves that we are building a future brand based on strong innovation, which is part of our vision for a better tomorrow.

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Vype/Vuse’s estimated value share comes from the recommended retail price (RRP) based on the steam retail measurements in the United States, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and Germany (that is, the total value of the steam category in retail sales). Based on calculations from June to July 2021, these five markets are estimated to account for 77% of the global net steam closed system turnover (NTO). Shenzhen Meizhida Technology specializes in helping customers OEM/ODM disposable vape. Develop more new products in the development of subsequent e-cigarettes to support market.

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